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Companies With Tech Leadership

Does your technology roadmap look more like a parking lot?

Are you seeking to support the business on new products but need to outsource / offshore / nearshore?

Ready to take on that latest-and-greatest initiative but seeking insight on the right approach, partners or vendors?

Need to build out your team but frustrated by working with staffing firms that just don't get it?

We're here to support you as a trusted Force Multiplier. With a staff of top-tier technologists and a vast network complimentary product and services providers, we can collaborate with you to identify, execute and manage the right solution at the right time. From a single resource to an entire turn-key solution.

It's what IT should look like: a focus on outcomes, not features.

Contact us to explore how we can make Technology work for you, not the other way around.

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Companies Without Tech Leadership

Are you looking to deepen your reach with current customers?

Do you want to expand your traction in an existing market?

Are you thinking about taking on a new market with a blue water strategy?

Wondering how to get your competitor's customers to switch sides?

Odds are that Technology can play a major role, but without the right Technology Leadership in place, you're likely at the mercy of a fragmented IT landscape. Which solution is right? How do you choose a vendor? How will it integrate with what you already have?

PM Talent Global's Virtual CTO offering has you covered. We'll collaborate with you to review your current strategy, create a roadmap of technology initiatives that align with your goals and support the execution.

Contact us to discuss how "Outcome Focused IT" can give your organization the competitive edge it deserves.